Meraki, now part of Cisco systems, is a company that provided products for large scale, distributed wired and wireless networks. It has feature rich, easy to use cloud architecture which enables customers to solve business problems as well as reduce operating costs.

  • Manage your entire network from a single dashboard
  • Control users, applications, and devices
  • Scale from small sites to enterprise deployments
  • Intuitive browser-bases dashboard
  • SaaS feature delivery, quarterly updates
  • Meraki Cloud Architecture has Features like:

  • Scalable: Unlimited Throughput, No bottlenecks
  • Reliable: Highly available cloud with multiple data centres
  • Secure: No user traffic passes through cloud, Fully HIPPA,PCI compliant
  • TechRenait provides solutions which are feasible and aligned with industry standards.

    TechRanait provides solution for Reliable, high-performance Cisco Meraki wireless APs, switches, routers, link balancer and security appliances are deployed in your campus or remote branches.

    Cisco Meraki devices automatically connect to the Cisco Meraki cloud over SSL, register with your network, and download their configuration.

    You have complete visibility and control over your entire network over the web.

    Tasks such as RF optimization and VPN configuration are automated by the cloud, while firmware updates and application signatures are seamlessly deployed over the web.

    Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment with self-provisioning, self-optimizing hardware.
  • Control applications, users and devices
  • Built-in multi-site management
  • Automatic monitoring and alerts
  • Future proof and always up to date, with seamless over-the-web firmware updates and new features delivered quarterly
  • Identity-Based Firewall: Automatically assigns firewall and traffic shaping rules, VLAN tags, and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for each class of users.

    Intrusion Prevention: Protects critical network resources from the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

    Auto VPN: Securely connects branch locations using mesh or hub-and-spoke topologies.

    Content Filtering: Block undesirable web content across 70+ categories, and leverage cloud lookups to filter billions of URLs.

    Anti-Malware / Anti-Phishing: Scans HTTP traffic for malware, trojans, and phishing schemes to allow users to securely surf the web.

    High-Availability & Failover: Provides device and connection integrity through multiple uplinks, warm spare failover, and self-healing VPN.

    Application Visibility & Control: Identify which applications are being used, and then prioritize critical apps while limiting recreational apps.

    Centralized Management: Seamlessly manage campus-wide WiFi deployments and distributed multi-site networks from a single pane-of-glass.