Your customers know more than ever before. Buying decisions are often made before you can even engage. Sales must adapt to the new customer journey. Sales teams need tools that are familiar, intuitive, and easy to adopt to help them be more effective.


Your customers are everywhere and, to serve them effectively, that’s where you need to be, too. Provide responsive, relevant, effective service—anywhere, any time, on any device. Inspire loyalty, empower agents, and drive service resolution. With our service capabilities, you can:

  • Engage customers via their channel of choice across web, social, chat, and mobile, with full multichannel service capabilities.
  • Give your employees a single, unified tool to deliver fast, amazing customer service with the Unified Service Desk.


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing helps you engage your customers as you bring your marketing vision to life. With our marketing capabilities, you can:

  • Understand how your customers are engaged, with behavioural data and advanced lead scoring, so you can drive sales impact by delivering highly qualified leads straight to your CRM.
  • Work better together across your team and with agencies on brand, content, and events to stay aligned and agile.


Marketing teams use social insights to make their campaigns sing. Customer care teams use sentiment analysis to understand customers and to make interactions more meaningful.

With social capabilities you can Engage with your customers on any channel, and provide service on their terms. Care everywhere to create customers for life.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps you maintain accountability and compliance while giving you the speed and agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions and changing regulatory requirements. Keep a close eye on critical banking activities, and automate financial management processes to make better business decisions.

Supply chain management:

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is fit to your company’s supply chain—not the other way around—and it comes with a host of other organisation-changing capabilities that can make it easier for your entire company to connect and collaborate. Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you the ability to find exactly the information you’re looking for—as high-level or as in-depth as you’d like—so you can make smarter decisions more quickly.

Business intelligence:

When you can see, in real time, what’s going on in the workplace, and when you have the details that Microsoft Dynamics provides, you’ll not only be able to recognise your opportunities, but you’ll also be able to capitalise on them:

  • Identify where sales are headed and how inventory stacks up.
  • Help predict trends and avoid pitfalls.
  • Know how profits are projecting, and be ready to react.
  • Determine when to add products or services.

Human resources:

It’s your job to attract and retain the very best talent—and to keep your existing employees as positive and productive as possible. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you get intuitive tools, plus role-based, personalised dashboards and key performance indicators targeted to the specific jobs people do. This can make their jobs easier and gives you immediate, clear, and controlled visibility into the information you need most.


With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you’ll get detailed, yet accessible, reports that give you an accurate picture of your accounting, billing, and project processes, so you can know precisely what every project is costing. And, when you can automate manual processes, like data entry, and more easily stay on top of things, like change orders and other fluctuations, your efficiencies can save time and help improve customer relationships, your team’s performance, and overall profits.